Official presentation and first meeting.

The Cabildo recently organized the presentation of the BIOTRANSFER2 project. Transfer of biotechnology research aimed at business profitability and mobilization of business flows with participation of several entities. The event, held at the Institute of Tropical Diseases of the University of La Laguna, was attended by the advisor of the area Tenerife 2030, Antonio García Marichal, who stressed the importance of this initiative to create employment.

García Marichal explained that "the main objective is to generate intelligent, sustainable and integrating biotechnology research, that allows self-financing the needs of the research community, through the commercialization of its R&D&I and the creation of new products and services that generate growth, employment and competitiveness. BIOTRANSFER2 will make biotechnology research profitable and will make research results mature so that they can be transferred to the business fabric." The adviser of Tenerife 2030 explained that "the project is structured in several coordinated activities with the different partners and that implies an improvement and the updating of the Observatory of Biotechnology Research. In addition, the interaction between researchers and companies will be facilitated through meetings, events and talks. Proofs-of-concept and prototypes will be carried out, to allow the research results to reach the necessary maturity to be transferred to the business world".

To achieve the objectives of BIOTRANSFER2 it is necessary to have a legal and commercial advisory to ensure the effective transfer of possible positive results. The final products planned are: commercial agreements for the exploitation of a product or service after carrying out proofs-of-concept with a positive result; agreements derived from proofs-of-concept that involve the improvement of a product or service (previously tested with the proof-of-concept ); facilitate entrepreneurship among researchers and the creation of companies; and make the Virtual Bioincubator tool available to the Technology Parks of Tenerife and Terceira (Azores), to facilitate the online advice of biotechnology entrepreneurs and promote the setup of companies in the aforementioned technology parks.

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